Friday, June 6, 2014

Hows the wedding planning goin???

Getting Married...

So as of March 2014 it became official... I'm engaged to marry the sweetest man I know. At 24 I've pursued a nice portion of my dreams for this system and now to embark on the rest with my lifetime partner. Marriage is a beautiful arrangement from Jehovah and I truly feel blessed be able to experience it. It's a bond Ive always admired, but the trend of my love life seemed as if it wouldn't be my reality anytime soon. Which I had accepted and was ready to expend my energies in other avenues... Until it hit me that companion I had been looking to share my adventures with was already by my side, and had proved to be a great friend to me for quite some time now. Yet like anything of value time allowed a good friendship to radiate to the happiest and healthiest relationship I could every ask for. The sky is the limit when it comes to a partnership fueled by love for each other and more importantly love for Jehovah.

Planning A Wedding...

-_- I don't like it (period). I dreamt of wedding planning since I was a small child. Watched all the bridal reality shows a girl could watch, and couldn't wait to brainstorm and execute my own big day! Now it's here... And the Courthouse never looked so sweet. What changed? I guess I did, being raised in a single parent household and living the pioneer simple life as an adult doesn't leave much room for self indulgence. So the though of spending thousands of dollars for an event lasting a small portion of one day gives me absolute anxiety. #alliseeisdollarsigns Nonetheless it's inevitable, and I just have to take my time, keep it simple, and not have a heart attack from every price tag. (Or run to the courthouse) ;)

The other part that gives me anxiety is being center stage for 3-4 hrs. *_*  Like seriously... Even sharing the attention with him, that's still a lot of attention. My hearts gonna be in my throat all day, and I will sweat all my make up off in the first hour... I'm sure this isn't what most brides think about, this one does though. When your personality leans toward introversion (Although I really try to fight it) you have these thoughts and Any public display requires lots of planning and forethought hence, the April 2015 date. However, I  admit, having Mr. Cool Calm and Collected to help me while wearing that contagious Kool-Aid smile makes it all a lot less intimidating. 

The Blessings....

I must say being in love with someone who genuinely loves me for who I am is a blessing in itself, but since we've began this journey together the blessings have poured upon us.... Too many to name really but the two I'm most proud of are... Pioneering and our new abode. This is my sixth year with my first love, and that's pioneering, there's nothing in this world that I enjoy more than sharing full-time in the ministry. It gives me purpose and joy to help others, but most importantly it pleases the Only Father I've had for 20 yrs now, Jehovah. It's been my way of thanking Him for letting me be his friend and giving me the hope to keep this bond forever. Like any good relationship you want to share what you're most passionate about with the person you're most passionate about. So pioneering with my future husband was certainly a goal of mine, just wasn't sure when exactly it would be realized. After gradually increasing his share in the ministry I could see an addiction growing in him :) Back to back auxiliary, discussion about scheduling, and future goals all led up to him getting permission to reduce working hours on a full time only position and a goal to join the ranks in Sept! The best news ever really!!! I'm so excited and proud and anxious. There's a possibility on attending pioneer school together as well. It's only June though, so prayers are still in full effect that things go smoothly!
The second fav blessing is our new place! July we get to move in our dream apt! A compromise between the VA tradition of a house he's always imagined and the apt life that this Brooklyn girl is used too. We got to name our price, and will actually be getting a sweeter deal than that! all thanks to a sweet couple that have been enjoying life in full-time service and pursue the goals we're striving after now! We're both sooooooo very thankful and still in awe of the love Jehovah has shown us through these two.