Monday, May 13, 2013

So many adventures!

I've seen so many beautiful sights! My favorite has been Multanomah Falls :) I got to go twice and the second time we hiked to the top! This place and it's view can really bring you closer to Jehovah. His creation is so vast and majestic you can just stare at it forever. It's one of those experiences you cant put into words. And pictures don't do it justice either but ill share some anyway!

I'm here! 5/1/2013

So I arrived yesterday! Jet lag certainly has gotten the best of me but I'm adjusting. Last night was the Cong. Bible Study and school, which meant I had to get my act together rather quickly. The friends were awesome at the hall, very warm and sincere. Especially this one sister named Abby! She's from Hawaii and is full of love. I had the pleasure of working with her in the ministry and she's too cute with her little blue flower in her hair. ( last night she wore a yellow one, and I saw a red one in the car. She just may have one for every outfit ) Later we should be doing some sight seeing! Pics on the way :)

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

When Kat's fly...

It's almost 5 am, and I board the plane to Minneapolis shortly. This departure wasn't nearly as dramatic as I thought it would be... No tears, no sad faces, my mom and I were big girls about it all. Well not exactly, I was an over excited 5 year old, and she... she was my mom. A nervous wreck yet trying to hold it all in for my sake. She did good though! I'll miss my favorite lady for the next two weeks but I'm happy that she's supporting my trip :) l
Adios Richmond! I'll see you soon! Take care of my mama please & thank you!

Monday, April 29, 2013

Allow me to reintroduce myself....

How on earth did you end up here? Chances are if you're reading this we are some what acquainted already. In the rare chance that you stumbled upon this randomly I will take a moment to introduce myself..... HI! My name is Katrina 👋! Here's ten facts about me that should sum things up. 
1. I'm one of Jehovahs Witnesses est.1999 (which is the most awesomest fact about me)
2. I'm 23 years old
3. A resident of Virginia currently, but I was born and raised in BROOKLYN,NY (the caps are necessary)
4. I love art and animals and occasionally hug trees
5. As the youngest of my siblings I'm the sweetest spoiled brat you'll ever know (and modest too)
6. I tend to be extremely sarcastic whenever I'm not asleep. (I'm working on it though)
7. It's been my mom and I since 1994 and I love her to pieces she's my superhero!
8. I have the greatest friends anyone can ask for, and I try to keep em by being a good listener when I need to be.
9. The full time ministry is my first love ❤ (four years in with no plans on stopping) 
10. I tend to not finish things...... ;)

Call me 'Queen Duckface' (no dont call me that)

I'm normal, but it's a well kept secret.

Ok but seriously why are you here?

On to the purpose of this thing. I made this blog really for selfish reasons. I want to keep a diary/record of the things I get myself into incase I ever get amnesia or something...
Well actually I wanted to document my next mini adventure... You see last year I made a new friend :) Her name is Liz!
It was a typical Friday like any other hot muggy day in June and I met the group for service, and saw an unfamiliar face.
The sister who's home we meet at on Fridays introduced her as Liz, she was visiting from Oregon to see some family in VA and was staying with the sister for the night until her family came to get her.
I got the opportunity to work with her in the ministry that day and it was the best day ever.
We had so much in common and it felt like we were old friends :)
However what impressed me the most about her, was her zeal for the ministry, and the big steps she had taken already at 20 to expand her ministry, and her even bigger plans that she was working towards!
I always had similar goals of serving where the need is greater or possibly foreign language territory, but they seemed to be more distant dreams than tangible goals, until we worked together that day!
Since then I've been more motivated and have really put my goals first, asking Jehovah to help me be balanced and yet trust in him enough not to shy away from things that seem may impossible at present.
Seeing how so many, like Liz, have been able to rely on Him and pursue goals that further His will, big and small, encourages me to "taste and see" for myself.
So for the next two weeks I'll about 3,000 mi away from home with my dear friend Liz, and working in new territory, and getting a taste of what the ministry is like in the Purepecha language! This is exciting to me for many reasons but to name a couple: this is the longest I've been away from home; I've never been to the west coast; and I get to be with Liz again :)

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