Monday, April 29, 2013

Allow me to reintroduce myself....

How on earth did you end up here? Chances are if you're reading this we are some what acquainted already. In the rare chance that you stumbled upon this randomly I will take a moment to introduce myself..... HI! My name is Katrina 👋! Here's ten facts about me that should sum things up. 
1. I'm one of Jehovahs Witnesses est.1999 (which is the most awesomest fact about me)
2. I'm 23 years old
3. A resident of Virginia currently, but I was born and raised in BROOKLYN,NY (the caps are necessary)
4. I love art and animals and occasionally hug trees
5. As the youngest of my siblings I'm the sweetest spoiled brat you'll ever know (and modest too)
6. I tend to be extremely sarcastic whenever I'm not asleep. (I'm working on it though)
7. It's been my mom and I since 1994 and I love her to pieces she's my superhero!
8. I have the greatest friends anyone can ask for, and I try to keep em by being a good listener when I need to be.
9. The full time ministry is my first love ❤ (four years in with no plans on stopping) 
10. I tend to not finish things...... ;)

Call me 'Queen Duckface' (no dont call me that)

I'm normal, but it's a well kept secret.

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